Randall Townsend
A character from Murdoch Mysteries
Randall Townsend
Biographical information
A.K.A. Mr. Townsend
Nickname Mean One (by Mei-li)
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male
Status Hanged
Socio-political information
Occupation Constabulary
Rank Constable
Affiliation Station House Five
Out of universe information
Portrayed by Gabriel Hogan
First appearance "The Great Wall"
"I mean, come on, lads. Look at her. It's not as though you haven't though about it, right? I... I slipped. That's it. And Coop... Coop just... He overreacted, and I got... I tried to talk him down, but he... Things got out of hand. You understand, now? You understand me -- It was an accident! I... I tried to save him. I d... There was so much blood. I just... I didn't know what to do!"
―Townsend to Inspector Davis and the Station House Five costables[src]


Character's evolution

"The Great Wall" (2010)

"Murdoch in Toyland" (2012)

The names of all criminals and their statuses are written on blackboard by Constable George Crabtree. Townsend is marked as "H" (Hanged).



Behind the scenes

  • Gabriel Hogan is credited as "Constable Randall Townsend" in "The Great Wall".


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