Percival Giles
A character from Murdoch Mysteries
Chief Constable Giles in What Lies Buried
Biographical information
A.K.A. Giles
Gender Male
Status Jailed
Socio-political information
Occupation Constabulary
Rank Chief Constable
Out of universe information
Portrayed by Nigel Bennett
First appearance "Murdoch in Wonderland"
Percival Giles was a chief constable after Stockton retired.


We first met Giles as an inspector at the end of season 4, called in to Station No. 4 to investigate murder Murdoch is implicated. He is punctilious, rigid, humourless and difficult. He is also perceptive and clever, and a very good policeman, Which is why Murdoch ends up in the jail cells of Station No. 4, having been expertly framed by Constance Gardiner. Though eventually proven innocent, Murdoch suffers the consequences of that ordeal for years to come. Giles accepts that Murdoch was framed by Constance Gardiner, but doesn't accept Brackenreid's explanation for her escape; that the cell door was broken, and she took advatange. The audience knows Brackenreid is not telling the whole truth, and so does Giles. Giles simply doesn't know why. ("Investigating Murdoch Mysteries").

Character's evolution

"Murdoch in Wonderland" (2011)

Detective William Murdoch is framed for murder of Randolph Littlefair. Brackenreid informs Murdoch that Chief Constable Stockton is sending Inspector Giles from station house number three to have complete authority over the investigation. Murdoch responds he suppose there are worse fates and says that Inspector Giles is a thorough investigator. Brackenreid responds: "Thorough? He's like you, Murdoch. Once he sets his sights on a suspect, that's usually the end of them". Murdoch says: "I'm sure you're overstating the case, sir". Brackenreid says: "Well, we'll see, won't we?".


In Interview Room, Giles tells Murdoch: "Escaping from police custody is a serious offence. I had to inform Chief Constable Stockton. And as you're no doubt aware, there may well be consequences". Murdoch says: "I had to see Ava again, to make amends somehow. Bring her in with dignity. To get at the truth". Giles asks: "The truth at all costs.", Murdoch responds: "She'll likely hang". Giles says: "Her sad story may sway the judge. But it was premeditated murder. There's no getting around that". Then Giles confronts Murdoch, saying: "A lesser policeman than yourself might have been inclined to look the other way. But you and I are not arbiters of justice. We are merely servants of the law. It is no simple task to remain incorruptible, especially in defiance of one's own conscience.", Murdoch says: "Cold comfort, eh, Inspector?" Giles leans against a chair.

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"Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom" (2013)

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"What Lies Buried" (2014)

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Giles is in prison with Constable George Crabtree.

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