Nicolette Green
A character from Murdoch Mysteries
Nicolette Green
Biographical information
Nationality Canadian
Gender Female
Status Arrested
Socio-political information
Occupation Model
Out of universe information
Portrayed by Zoé De Grand'Maison
First appearance "The Devil Wears Whalebone"

Nicolette Green was one of models at House of Heloise. She indirectly murderer fellow model, Isabelle Young, by manipulating the events that the latter will wore murderous corset, so Nicolette could take her place and became top model. She was arrested, but according to Murdoch she may likely get away with the crime.


Eunice Parks made corset for Miss Heloise. Nicolette Green (who wanted to relieve Miss Isabelle Young of her position so that she could become top model) knew that the corset would suffocate whomever was to wear it. She offered to help Miss Heloise put it on, pretended that it was too small for her, knowing that Miss Young would be selected to wear it in her place. She sent Miss Parks out for more champagne, ensuring that she wouldn't be there to foil her plan. Charlotte Tennant helped Isabelle to put it on. Eunice Parks returned and reprimanted Charlotte. Eunice tried to unlace it off Isabelle, but it was too late as she started to suffocate. Then Nicolette Green became top model. Detective William Murdoch eventually discovered the truth and Nicolette was arrested, thought Murdoch told Dr. Julia Ogden that Nicolette may likely get away with it. ("The Devil Wears Whalebone").

Character's evolution

"The Devil Wears Whalebone" (2015)

At the end, Dr. Julia Ogden asks: "And what will happen to Nicolette Green?", Murdoch responds: "A jury will likely see a pretty young woman and not the devil inside. She may likely get away with it."


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