Frank Peakes
A character from Murdoch Mysteries
Thomas Mitchell as Constable Frank Peakes
Biographical information
Full name Francis Peakes
A.K.A. Constable Peakes
Death 1904
Riley sawmill
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Socio-political information
Occupation Constable
Allegiance Jeffrey Davis
Affiliation Station House Five
Out of universe information
Portrayed by Thomas Mitchell
First appearance "House of Industry"
Frank Peakes was a constable at Station House Five. Peakes run the racketeering ring for Chief Constable Jeffrey Davis. He has been accidentally killed in 1904 during a close combat with Detective William Murdoch on Riley sawmill.

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"House of Industry" (2016) Edit

Committed Murders Edit

  • Constable Robert Hall - Unknown
  • Jefferson Brick/Cal Graveman - Throat slit

Attempted Murders Edit

  • John Dempsey - Attempted to cut him into a pieces by axe
  • Detective William Murdoch - Attempted to slice him into pieces with sawmill

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