Detective Babcock
A character from Murdoch Mysteries
Detective Babcock
Biographical information
Full name Paul Babcock
Death 1906
Station House Four
Socio-political information
Occupation Constabulary
Rank Detective

Detective Paul Babcock was a detective at Station House One.

Biography Edit

Character's evolution Edit

"Toronto the Bad" (2019) Edit

Lucille Anderson reveals that Babcock told her he was a friend of Wendel and how horrible it was the witnesses wouldn't come forward. She says he said if she wanted to do something about it, he'd make sure she didn't get caught. Brackenreid ask why did he conspired with her, Babcock responds he didn't and says she is deranged. But Murdoch realize it was Babcock who murdered Wendel MacRury. Babcock asks if he is completely insane, but Murdoch says that is why he left her statement out of the report. Because didn't want the police to know she had been there that night. Babcock says that is ludicrous, he's a Detective. Murdoch says Babcock scared the witnesses into silence, but when he thought they might not keep his little secret, he had Lucille eliminate them. Brackenreid asks Babcock if that is true, Murdoch says that Babcock had been extorting Wendel MacRury, and when the latter refused to pay him anymore, Babcock murdered him. Suddently, Babcock pulls out his gun and warns them not to make a scene and keep their hands down. Babcock says, "Not a chance in hell I'm going to prison. I'm walking out of here". Brackenreid steps forward, "Detective". Babcock aims at him, ordering him, "Back off." As Babcock focuses on Brackenreid, Murdoch grabs his hand and pins him to the doors, knocking the gun out of his hand. As Brackenreid grabs his other hand, handcuffed Lucille Anderson grabs the gun from the floor. Murdoch informs Babcock, "Detective Babcock, you are under arrest for the extortion and murder of Wendel MacRury". Lucille says, "Paul!", as the latter looks at her she fires and shots him into his chest. Two constables rushes and grabs her, while Babcock drops down in pain. Lucille tells him, "Tell the devil I'm right behind you." As Babcock dies in pain, Murdoch watches Lucille in the horror.

Confirmed Murders Edit

  • Wendel MacRury - Shot

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