Allen Templeton

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"Darkness Before the Dawn - Part 1" (2019) Edit

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Crabtree shows Murdoch the files on Arthur Carmichael, that shows that every case that was build against him was eventually dropped and they all went through the same Crown Prosecutor. Murdoch then visits Allen Templeton about the files, who ask him where did he get these. Murdoch responds that these files shows an escalation of violence in Arthur Carmichael's actions, and what's more he kept getting away with it. Templeton responds that not only Murdoch is acussing his office, yet he also has files purloined and advise him to leave the matter alone. Murdoch says that he can't just walk away from it and that Templeton knows that. Templeton says that there are interest at play there bigger than either of them and says he will tell him this only once: "Stop this investigation". Murdoch asks: "Or what?". Templeton says that not only he would lose any chance to promotion to Inspector, but he would also lose his current position, as would anyone who was helping him.

At the end when Allen Templeton discovers it was Effie Newsome who stole the files for Detective Murdoch, he fires her.

"Kill Thy Neighbour" (2020) Edit

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